The Serializer class can be used to encode values and objects into a String, from which the Unserializer class can recreate the original representation.

This class can be used in two ways:

  • create a new Serializer() instance, call its serialize() method with any argument and finally retrieve the String representation from toString()
  • call to obtain the serialized representation of a single argument

Serialization is guaranteed to work for all haxe-defined classes, but may or may not work for instances of external/native classes.

The specification of the serialization format can be found here:

Static variables

@:value(false)staticUSE_CACHE:Bool = false

If the values you are serializing can contain circular references or objects repetitions, you should set USE_CACHE to true to prevent infinite loops.

This may also reduce the size of serialization Strings at the expense of performance.

This value can be changed for individual instances of Serializer by setting their useCache field.

@:value(false)staticUSE_ENUM_INDEX:Bool = false

Use constructor indexes for enums instead of names.

This may reduce the size of serialization Strings, but makes them less suited for long-term storage: If constructors are removed or added from the enum, the indices may no longer match.

This value can be changed for individual instances of Serializer by setting their useEnumIndex field.

Static methods


Serializes v and returns the String representation.

This is a convenience function for creating a new instance of Serializer, serialize v into it and obtain the result through a call to toString().



Creates a new Serializer instance.

Subsequent calls to this.serialize will append values to the internal buffer of this String. Once complete, the contents can be retrieved through a call to this.toString.

Each Serializer instance maintains its own cache if this.useCache is true.



The individual cache setting for this Serializer instance.

See USE_CACHE for a complete description.


The individual enum index setting for this Serializer instance.

See USE_ENUM_INDEX for a complete description.



Serializes v.

All haxe-defined values and objects with the exception of functions can be serialized. Serialization of external/native objects is not guaranteed to work.

The values of this.useCache and this.useEnumIndex may affect serialization output.


Return the String representation of this Serializer.

The exact format specification can be found here: