Get information about the call stack.

Static variables

staticread onlylength:Int

The length of this stack.

Static methods


Return the call stack elements, or an empty array if not available.


Make a copy of the stack.

@:value({ fullStack : false })staticexceptionStack(fullStack:Bool = false):Array<StackItem>

Return the exception stack : this is the stack elements between the place the last exception was thrown and the place it was caught, or an empty array if not available. Set fullStack parameter to true in order to return the full exception stack.

May not work if catch type was a derivative from haxe.Exception.

@:arrayAccessstaticinlineget(this:Array<StackItem>, index:Int):StackItem

staticsubtract(this:Array<StackItem>, stack:CallStack):CallStack

Returns a range of entries of current stack from the beginning to the the common part of this and stack.


Returns a representation of the stack as a printable string.