Inherited Variables

Defined by Trait

@:value("")name:String = ""


Object this trait belongs to.

Inherited Methods

Defined by Trait

notifyOnAdd(f:() ‑> Void):Void

Trait is added to an object.

notifyOnInit(f:() ‑> Void):Void

Object which this trait belongs to is added to scene.

notifyOnLateUpdate(f:() ‑> Void):Void

Add late game logic handler.

notifyOnRemove(f:() ‑> Void):Void

Object which this trait belongs to is removed from scene.

notifyOnRender(f:Graphics ‑> Void):Void

Add render handler.

notifyOnRender2D(f:Graphics ‑> Void):Void

Add 2D render handler.

notifyOnUpdate(f:() ‑> Void):Void

Add game logic handler.


Remove the trait from the object.

removeLateUpdate(f:() ‑> Void):Void

Remove late game logic handler.

removeRender(f:Graphics ‑> Void):Void

Remove render handler.

removeRender2D(f:Graphics ‑> Void):Void

Remove 2D render handler.

removeUpdate(f:() ‑> Void):Void

Remove game logic handler.