Cross-platform JSON API: it will automatically use the optimized native API if available. Use -D haxeJSON to force usage of the Haxe implementation even if a native API is found: This will provide extra encoding features such as enums (replaced by their index) and StringMaps.

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Static methods


Parses given JSON-encoded text and returns the resulting object.

JSON objects are parsed into anonymous structures and JSON arrays are parsed into Array<Dynamic>.

If given text is not valid JSON, an exception will be thrown.

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staticstringify(value:Dynamic, ?replacer:(key:Dynamic, value:Dynamic) ‑> Dynamic, ?space:String):String

Encodes the given value and returns the resulting JSON string.

If replacer is given and is not null, it is used to retrieve the actual object to be encoded. The replacer function takes two parameters, the key and the value being encoded. Initial key value is an empty string.

If space is given and is not null, the result will be pretty-printed. Successive levels will be indented by this string.

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